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Kisumi Shigino of Free! Eternal Summer

hope u guys like!

hihihi, still practicing~ hope you guys like~!

ayano of kagerou project >_<, a request of a friend in DA

hope u guys like! sorry, i’m tryin a bit of semi-realistic style ;__;

i am still practicing this kind of style, hope u guys like! 

Tokyo Ghoul by yunisu-chan

salmon and me by yunisu-chan

some artist’s issue

i hav a confession to make… 

i murdered a salmon last night  

college kano and kido? lol idk anymore ahahahaaha, kano looks creepy for some reason, trololol, i used some other colors aside form the palette lol, hope u like!

==>please do not repost artworks | by: 

another set of portraits~

hope you guys like~

==>please do not repost artworks | by: